Wednesday, June 25, 2014

May 27- Busy Week

We have been pretty busy over the last week. We have been trying to prepare for a baptism, zone conference, and went by a bunch of people on a list that our bishop wanted us to visit. Unfortunately we didn't have our baptism, however we had a great time at zone conference and talked to a lot of people.

This last Sunday Autumn was supposed to be baptized. However her Mom would not give her permission. It was very sad to see someone so happy, and so excited because she was going to be baptized, then become disappointed because she was unable to. Even though her Mom will not let her get baptized she is very involved with the church and all of our activities. She has been going to mutual, and is planing on going to girls camp and Mormon Prom.

Shant is scheduled to be baptized this next Sunday but after his trip to Mexico he has dropped off the radar and we have been unable to get a hold of him. We are planning on handing him off to another set of Elders.

The next week after that Marley is supposed to be baptized but that also has been put on hold. Her and her family are trying to find out a better date for her baptism, so everyone can be there. 

So all three baptismal dates that we had have now dropped. We are now trying to find new investigators and set some new baptismal dates. Wish us luck.

Elder Paget

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