Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 9- Murrieta with Metcalfe

A lot has happened in the last week or so. First it was time to say goodbye to Elder R as he came to the end of his faithful 2 year service. It is always hard when you get a new companion, but this was probably the toughest one yet. You end up becoming great friends and know how to work with each other. Then at the end of the transfer you go in your separate directions. It was hard not to get trunky because he was preparing to go home to the place where I call home also. It was especially tough because we both lived in the same area, went to the same high school, know the same people, and the list goes on. It would have been a lot easier if Elder R had lived some where else in the USA or even in a different county in Utah. It probably would not have affected me. It definitely got me to think a lot about home, but more importantly it got me thinking of who I want to be when I come home. Will I be changed? Or will I be the same person with the same problems? Will I make every minute count while I am serving or will slack off? I has been hard, but It has had a great impact on me now that I have been out almost 1 year. I am now striving to be that changed missionary, when I return home, being able to say I gave it my all.

Second, I got a new companion his name is Elder Me he is from Middleburg, Florida. It was actually quite funny. I totally called that he would be my companion. He was serving here in Murrieta in a different ward, when we got our transfer calls. Him and his companion were being both taken out of the area, so sisters could serve in their ward. When I heard this I immediately told Elder Russell that he was going to be in zone transferred and become my companion. When we were at the transfer meeting, President Kendrick called my name and said, " Elder Paget your new companion is going to be Elder Me." I immediatley yelled, "Called it!" Anyway he is a great missionary, who is not afraid to work hard and give it all that he has got.

We picked up a new investigator this week. Her name is C. She is related to a member in our ward that was recently baptized. She doesn't live in our ward boundaries but her relative wants us to teach her. We have taught her the Plan of Salvation, and Gospel of Jesus Christ. Right now she is interested in learning more, and is not ready to become a member..... just yet. The member said we could teach her on the conditions that we would not invite her to be baptized. It is super hard not to especially when that is what all the lessons are about, and our purpose is to FIND, TEACH, and BAPTIZE. So what did we do? Well lets just say we that we softly invited her to be baptized. We asked her, "When you know these things are true will you be baptized?" She said she would definitely think about it. She is making a lot of progress and look forward to meeting with her on Wednesday. 

A is still making progress. Her Mom has not given her permission yet to be baptized. But we know she will do it soon. Please keep praying for her.

Elder Paget

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