Wednesday, June 25, 2014

May 19- Fire

This last week has been pretty crazy. From fires close by raining ashes on us, to the spiritual wild fires burning inside our investigators.

First the actual fire. It is sad to hear about and see so many wild fires going on at the same time. First the Mission was on fire spiritually by all the baptisms that everyone was having, now the Mission is literally on fire. It is crazy that all the fires that are burning in Southern California are in our mission boundaries. I think there was 10 or more different wild fires started in the last week. Most of them reported have been caused by an arson. Even though the closest fire to us was about 20 minutes away, we still got tons of smoke and ashes falling from the sky. On Friday night, while we were out and about there was lots of people telling us that we needed to get inside to stay away from the smoke and debris. We had work to do, souls to save, a car, and only a few hours left. So we decided that we would stay out for the rest of the night, but that if it was as bad as it was on Saturday that we would stay inside. Because we would not have the car anymore and would have to bike in the polluted air. Luckily it was pretty much cleared up by the next morning and we continued on.

Now the wild fires burning with our investigators. A is still doing great. She has finished the Book of Mormon for the second time. WOW! She is preparing herself to be baptized this next Sunday. However her Mom is not supporting her. Yesterday she text us that she would be a little late for church and asked if we could save her a seat. We told her that her friend B would save her a seat. She showed up and told us that she had been taking her stripes, and then quickly sat down because Sacrament was starting. I didn't realize what she was saying. It didn't make sense to me. Then in the middle of sacrament she ran out, crying. We didn't know what was happening. Sister Robinson one of her Young Women leaders and her friend B went out to see what was the matter. About 10 minutes later they all came back in and sat down. Sister Robinson passed a note to us explaining what was wrong. She said that A had been yelled at by her Mother all morning. Telling her that she is ruining the family and that she wouldn't let her get baptized. A was really disappointed and started to break down from all of it at church. She really wants to get baptized and is worried that her Mom won't let her do it. So we are going over tonight to smooth things over and get her Moms approval. So please pray for her that she will still be baptized.

S is taking the lessons again. Now he is set to be baptized on June 1.

We picked up a new investigator this last week named M. She is 9 years old and is in a part member family. She has not been baptized yet. We started teaching her and the rest of her less active family this last week. She is set to be baptized on June 8.

Elder Paget

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