Tuesday, November 19, 2013

He Will Never Fail YOU!

This week as been really good. We are finally seeing all of our hard work over the last few weeks pay off. We have been struggling to get lessons and get new investigators. This week we have been able to get lots of lessons and also start teaching a new investigator named J. We ran into J while we were walking back from our church building after a zone meeting with Elder Ar. Elder Ar and I were on exchanges and saw J sitting on her porch in a rocking chair. We went up and started to talk with her. She was interested so we just started to teach her the restoration. The spirit was strong and she definitely was touched. She said that she would like to learn about what we know about Gods plan for us. We were so excited we finally found someone new to teach.
We found out this week that T one of our investigators was diagnosed with breast cancer. It has be hard for her and her family. She says that she is so grateful for everyone being so willing to help her out. We have been praying that she will be well.  It is sad to see how much it has effected them.
One thing I realized this week is the power of prayer. It is so important to be able to communicate with our Father in Heaven. He provides us with so much. Prayer is a way that we can show our thanks that he deserves. We also are able to ask for help or anything we need. Our loving Heavenly Father has all these blessings waiting for us but they are conditional for us asking for them. He is simply waiting for us to ask and he will give us what we need. I remember that I would pray for a million dollars or even a limousine knowing that what ever I ask I would receive. However I have not had a million dollar check dropped of at my house or had a limo pick me up from work. He only provides us with what we need and sill not satisfy our selfish desires. He wants us to get on our knees and have a conversation with him. One of the most important aspects of prayer is waiting for the response. It is just as important to listen as it is to pray. We must be in a position free from distractions where we can listen to the still small voice and receive inspiration from God. Remember HE WILL NEVER FAIL YOU because he has never failed me. I may not have get and immediate answer or have things resolved they way that I would like. However God knows what is best for us and it will always work out. He doesn't give us challenges and trials to punish us. It is an opportunity to come closer to him through prayer. That is what I have had to rely on the last few weeks. The mission has been hard, and there are a lot of things that are out of our control. Lessons and baptism dates have been canceled, investigators have not been progressing. But the one thing we are in control of is our relationship with our Heavenly Father. I keep wondering what can I do to be a better missionary and to help the people of the Cardiff ward come closer to our Savior. I have been focused on me and what can I do. I should have been asking for the Lord what would he have me do. It finally hit me when I was listening again to Elder Ballard's latest Conference talk. He said that missionaries and members need to praying for investigators by their names, and to pray for missionary opportunities. Prayer is the answer, and the key to calling down the power of heaven to help you accomplish Gods will.
We have started to have the Cardiff ward pray specifically for our investigators by name and I would like to invite you to do the same. I know that every miracle starts by a prayer, and miracles will start by your prayers. You just simply have to ask. Please pray for our investigators, and for missionary opportunities in your own wards. I promise you that you will see miracles in your own life, and you wills see blessings that come from it.
Elder Paget

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cardiff Cancellations

Subject:Cardiff Cancellations
Date:Tue, Nov 12, 2013 2:10 pm

Well another week has come and gone. Time flies when you are serving the lord. This week has been slow. We had 5 days in a row that every set lesson that we had cancelled on us. It was crazy. I have never seen or hear of anything like it before. We had probably 10 or more lessons cancel in a row. So we didn't do a whole lot of teaching.
Something I have realized lately is the power of an example. Just think about our ultimate example Jesus Christ. In his time he didn't have the Internet to share the gospel. He didn't have a telephone, or text messages. All he had was his example. His example has carried through centuries of time. Our examples matter to everyone around us and show who we truly are. There is a quote I forgot who it is from but it is, "At all times preach the gospel, If necessary use words." That is my challenge to you is to preach the gospel by your example just as the Savior did.
Love Elder Paget


Monday, November 4, 2013

6 More Weeks of Summoning Aliens

Well I have good news. I am not being transferred. So I will be staying in Cardiff for at least 6 more weeks, up to my 6 month mark. I am so glad I don't have to pack up and move. I love it here in Cardiff and I could not think of any area that could be better than this. But than again I have not been in any other area other than while I was on exchanges. So this is all that I know. I am glad to still have Elder A as my companion. He is a great missionary and a great example to me. He has taught me how to have fun while doing missionary work.
Things have still be slow but we might have found another new investigator to teach. His name is A, he has been a potential investigator for some time. We have stopped by a few times before but it didn't go any where. He told us that he has been praying for a miraculous event. We told him that we don't need angels to come down to us or witness miracles for us to know something is true or to strengthen our testimony. We need faith. If we knew there would be not point in this life. There would be not agency. We told him that Joseph Smith and how he saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. That is what sparked his interest and he wants to know more. At the time we were unable to talk with him because we were late to dinner, but we plan on going back and sharing what we know to be true.
Another cool thing this week is that we talked with balloon guy. Friday night we were by his house and noticed that he was in his back yard working on his next balloon extravaganza. I said to Elder Adams that we have to go talk to him and see what the balloons in the sky were all about. I was not going to be transferred without talking with balloon guy. It wasn't going to happen. We walked closer and saw him attaching an assortment of bright flashing lights to 15 huge black balloons. We walked closer and were standing right by his fence when Elder Adams said, "Cool Balloons you got there guy's." He didn't respond and after a few awkward seconds balloon lady, balloon mans partner in crime answered. "Yea they are cool, but they are cooler in the sky. We will be putting them up in just a little while." That is when Elder A asked " What are they for?" Balloon Lady then responded, "It is to make people happy." Elder A and I both looked at each other with confusion and thought are they on drugs. Then Elder A said, " Don't mind us we are just going to watch it over here."  We stood there as they let the balloons float into the night sky.  We still think that they are trying to hide something. So we still stand at the same conclusion. They are summoning Aliens. Luckily I still have 6 more weeks to see if they can succeed. To be Continued...
Elder Paget