Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 5. Please Pray to Help Us Find a Family

Things have been going great this week. We didn't get very many lessons but things look like they are starting to pick up. Unfortunately all of our set lessons fell through. But it gave us some time to do extra contacting and find a few service opportunities. We have been seeing a lot of cool miracles lately and we hope they keep on coming.

Last week we got a referral to teach a 16 year old girl named A. We were able to teach her a little bit of the Restoration, but then had to leave because her Mom didn't want us there. We were unable to meet with her this last week for a lesson. But she was able to come to church. She loved it! She also finished the Book of Mormon in a month and is already starting to read it again. She is on Fire! You could not ask for a better investigator. Today we are cutting out P-day short to teach her the rest of the Restoration lesson with her friend Thomas, that gave her the Book of Mormon. We are supper excited!

S has been going back and forth lately. He knows that the Church would bless his life in many ways. However, he doesn't think he has received his answer to his prayers or if he can live up to our standards. Then he came to a ward BBQ that we had at our church, and got to meet and talk to more members. Now he is fired up and has regained the motivation to change and become better. He was unable to make it to church for the second straight week but will try to make it to the next one.

We also had a less active member named Veasna come to church. It is the first time she has been in a really long time. We have been meeting with her for a while now and set a goal with her and her daughters to go to the temple as a family. This has given her the motivation to come back to church. I was actually surprised that she came. We always stop by on Saturday or give her a call to remind her about church. She usually always responds that she is not feeling well or that she is busy. However this last week we stopped by and she told us that she would need a ride and that we should call her right before church. So we did and she came. It was incredible, the Bishopric and ward members were shocked. So we are planning to throw them for a whirl when she hopefully comes next week.

We have been also making a lot of progress with another less active member name J. He has been meeting with Jehovah's Witnesses lately and has kind of made his own cross between the two religions, that Elder Russell and I have now named Jeremiah's Witnesses. He has told us that if we can prove to him that Jehovah is Jesus, that he will come to church every week from that time on. We have been showing him lots of scriptures and is slowly being convince but is still not there yet. 

Elder R have a goal this week to find a family that we can start teaching. So we would like to ask all of you to pray that we can achieve our goal. We also have a goal to contact at least 20 people a day. After Elder Ballard promised us that if we contact 20 people in a day we would double the number of baptisms. To help us reach our goal we have decided we are going to start tracting to help us to find those who are ready. We would really appreciate all your prayers to help us in our efforts.

Elder Paget

April 28, Miracle Referral

Well once again another week has come and gone. This week has had it ups and downs, but overall it has been good.
S was supposed to baptized yesterday, but he is not quite ready yet. It all started of last Monday when he didn't show up for his baptismal interview. We wondered why he would not be able to make it. He had been on fire recently and seem all for it. Luckily we were able to set up a lesson for Thursday and see what was up. We asked him a few questions and found out that he didn't feel that he had received and answer to his prayers yet. Which is ok. He had been going really fast, and it is good to take a step back and slow down to find out for himself the gospel is true, and not take our word for it. He still wants to get baptized. I feel that he will get his answer soon and he will be baptized in the next few weeks.
We had a cool miracle happen this week. We got a call from the Cole Canyon Elders saying that they had a referral for us. Her name is A and she is 16. We were able to stop by on Saturday and found out that her friend had given her a Book of Mormon and that she is half way through. She also said that she knows it's true and is thinking about getting baptized. We started to teach the restoration, but we were unable to finish. But we will pick up it back up sometime this week. IT was an awesome miracle. A golden investigator that came out of no where. It came right when we needed it. will let you know what happens.
Elder Paget

More of Murrieta

Well this has been a great week. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to write about it. But here is a quick update.
I didn't end up getting Transferred like I thought I would. I will have lots more time in Murrieta.So now I will be here for at least 2 or more transfers. Elder R is going home at the end of this transfer and it is very unlikely that they would have both of us leave at the same time. Usually only one missionary leaves so the other missionary can help the next Elder learn the area. So I will most likely stay here to help the next Elder learn the area and ward members when Elder R leaves.
We had a great mission conference! Elder Ballard, along with Elder Maynes, and Elder Saban of the seventy came a spoke to us. It was awesome. The main message they had was that if you want to baptise more people you have to talk to more people. It was incredible to be instructed by them and to feel of the great spirit that they have.
S is still going to be baptized on Sunday and we are making the final preparations for his baptism. He is so excited and we are too. He has his baptismal interview tonight. B on the on the other hand is not. He lives in the Cal Oaks ward so we had to hand him off to the Elders in that ward. Hopefully he will be baptized soon.
Sorry again it is so short.
Elder Paget