Tuesday, May 20, 2014

April 28, Miracle Referral

Well once again another week has come and gone. This week has had it ups and downs, but overall it has been good.
S was supposed to baptized yesterday, but he is not quite ready yet. It all started of last Monday when he didn't show up for his baptismal interview. We wondered why he would not be able to make it. He had been on fire recently and seem all for it. Luckily we were able to set up a lesson for Thursday and see what was up. We asked him a few questions and found out that he didn't feel that he had received and answer to his prayers yet. Which is ok. He had been going really fast, and it is good to take a step back and slow down to find out for himself the gospel is true, and not take our word for it. He still wants to get baptized. I feel that he will get his answer soon and he will be baptized in the next few weeks.
We had a cool miracle happen this week. We got a call from the Cole Canyon Elders saying that they had a referral for us. Her name is A and she is 16. We were able to stop by on Saturday and found out that her friend had given her a Book of Mormon and that she is half way through. She also said that she knows it's true and is thinking about getting baptized. We started to teach the restoration, but we were unable to finish. But we will pick up it back up sometime this week. IT was an awesome miracle. A golden investigator that came out of no where. It came right when we needed it. will let you know what happens.
Elder Paget

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