Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 2- Service, Service, Service

This last week has been pretty good. We just keep going forward. It has gone by super fast. There is so much that we have had to do in Elder R's last week as a missionary. We have worked super hard and got the most contacts our area has had in over a year! I have been trying to help Elder R go out with a bang and end his mission off right.It is sad that he is ending his mission and not going to be my companion any more, but I am excited that I will be staying here in Murrieta for another 6 more weeks. We are making a lot of slow progress that needs to keep going.

We didn't have a lot of lessons this week but we did a lot of service and built friendships and relationships with members and non members. We helped a lady load up a truck with her stuff to move to Longmont, Colorado on Friday. It was really hard to fit all of her stuff in. It was really hot and humid, and did I mention her house totally smelled like pot? I guess now I know why she is moving to Colorado. Anyway, on Saturday we helped a less active family clear off there hill side of weeds and debris. They said that what would have taken them 3 weeks took us a little under 3 hours. Need less to say that they absolutely love us. Their son, who is also a less active member, builds all the cars for Rockstar energy drink that are at the car shows. So on Saturday they took us to Outback steak house for lunch then gave us the tour of his shop. It was awesome. They hooked us up with some Rockstar t-shirts and a pair of Dragon Sun glasses that are probably worth $100. We are going back this Saturday to help them out some more, and possibly helping them build one of their next cars. Should be fun.

A is doing great. We were unable to teach her but we did some service for her Mom. I had to use my handyman skills that I picked up from working with my Grandpa Salmon. To fix some curtains that were way to high. We had to lower them about a foot so that the curtains would completely block out all the sun. Also the Robinson, our ward misson leaders, family bought A a new quad and had all the Laurels, and us sign it. She loves it and now can't wait to start reading the Doctrine and Covenants.

Other than that we are still teaching M and her family. They are making progress and we will see them tomorrow night. 

Elder Paget

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