Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Spinning Our Wheels!

Hey everyone another week has come and gone. This week we have been really busy. I went on exchanges, had my first baptism, and confirmation. We have not been teaching a lot lately. I guess you would say we have been "spinning our wheels." We have so many investigators and potential investigators we have to meet with, but they are all so hard to get in touch with and set up a time to teach them. We are stuck because our investigators can't learn more and progress, if we are not meeting with them. Hopefully everything will turn around for this next week.
I went on Exchanges with Elder Perez our district leader. Unfortunately he is a Spanish speaking missionary. So I spent most of the night just nodding my head, and smiling while trying to understand. I felt useless. I could not understand anything they said and they could not really understand anything that I said. I felt bad for Elder Perez because he had to teach everything. The only thing I did was say the prayers at the end of each lesson. I could not imagine having to teach in a different language. It is hard enough for me to teach in English, let alone in Spanish. You would first have to learn the lessons in English then re learn them all again in a different language. It was a good experience though. When you are on exchanges you are with your new companion for 24 hours so that means you have to sleep over at their apartments. At Elder Perez's apartment they have what they call the "Hammock Challenge." The hammock challenge is you sleep in a narrow, uncomfortable hammock for the entire night. It does not sound bad, but let me tell you there is a reason that I am only the third person ever to do it. It is horrible. I will never do it again.

The Baptism was scheduled for Saturday, but our ward mission leader did not reserve the building so we had to move it to Friday, July 26. It went alright I guess. There was not a member of the Bishopric there, when it was time for the baptism so we had to wait for one to show up. When they showed up I baptised Moises. We went into the water and it was really hot, and was not deep enough. After I had said the baptism ordinance, and it was time for Moises to go under the water. Since the water was low I had to get Moises fully submerged, I had to almost push him under. This caused his feet to slip out from underneath him. Luckily I caught him and was able to help him back up. It was really awesome to get my first baptism under my belt. 
When it was time for the confirmation on Sunday during sacrament Meeting. Moises and Rohit were not on time. They didn't show up until the sacrament. So we had to do the confirmation after the sacrament. It was crazy Elder Moon and I were out looking for them every where and making calls to try to get them there. Fortunately it all worked out.
I love you all. I am in the long process of writing Thank Yous to everyone. I only have time for 2 or 3 each P-day so please have patience with me. If I don't respond right away I am doing my best in the limited amount of time that I have to Respond to everyone. Thanks again for all that you do for me.
Elder Jaden Paget

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