Monday, August 5, 2013

Daily Miracles

It is amazing to be here in Cardiff, there are so many people that want to learn more about the gospel.  Last year in the Cardiff Ward there were zero convert baptisms. This year there has been 10 already. The Lord is truly hastening the work. That is why we are receiving an extra set of missionaries to help cover half of our ward. As the Lord and the church is working harder to bring others unto Christ. Satan is working harder two. He is trying to counter attack the wave of missionary work. This week has been evidence of that. This week has been really slow. It seems like no one is ever home or available for us to teach them. When we do find someone to teach all they want to do is Bible Bash, and tell us how wrong we are. Or drunk guys telling us to throw our scriptures away and to follow the devil, and have a beer with him. Yes this happened. However this only makes me stronger. All of instances we have faced over the last week only help me to realize how important the gospel is. It helps me to realize how many people don't have the gospel. They are suffering because they don't have true happiness and reassurance that families can be together forever. This gives me more motivation to work even harder in crying repentance unto this people. For I know that Good will finally conquer evil. Through daily miracles that us a missionaries, and members of the church create each day. By our examples we set and the service we render. Testifying that we can Live with God again in never ending Happiness, for time and all eternity with our families. Changing lives, softening hearts by the simple actions we do each day. Such as reaching out, smiling, and saying hi. Making friends with others that don't have many. It is by these small, simple, daily miracles that lives are changed for the better. Helping them come closer to Christ and receive sacred saving ordinances. This is what missionary work is all about. I love you all, and apprieciate everything you have done for me. 
Elder Paget

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