Monday, August 26, 2013

Open your mouth and it shall be filled!

Hey Everyone,
Wow, we had another incredible week. Every week out here miracles happen. Just when I think it can't get any better it some how does. I have only been out for a little more than two months now. Time is flying by. Weeks feel like days and months feel like weeks. Elder Moon and I have had a lot of incredible, miraculous experiences this week. We had a baptism, confirmation, found 3 new investigators (2 for other missionaries and 1 for us), gave a blessing, you name it we did it.
On Tuesday we were riding our bikes and I noticed I had a tire that was low. So we stopped at a gas station that was on our way to Fred's, one of our investigators, house. As I was filling up my tires, a 15 year old boy,named Devin, came up to Elder Moon. He asked him if he was on duty, and if he had time to talk. He started to talk to him and he said that he is just so full of Jesus and he loves to talk about him. We told him we would love to talk some more and if we could meet again. He said we could and we exchanged numbers. We called him a few days later and set up a lesson with him. He told us that he wanted us to meet him at Chick-Fil-A instead of his apartment. So on Friday we meet with him there at 12:30. We taught him about Jesus and all the things we could learn about him in the Book of Mormon. He was interested, however we found out he lived in the Encinitas Ward boundaries. It was sad to have to give him up, but it is still cool to have someone come up to you and ask if you can talk. I wish it would happen more often.
Friday, was a busy day getting everything ready for the baptism. We first had to clean the font. It was an interesting experience, we should have changed into different clothes before hand. We were in our usual shirt and tie and we were cleaning the font with tilex with bleach. We had to take off our socks and shoes, and roll up our pants so that we would not get any bleach on them. We had to carefully scrub and wash the font. We then had to set up chairs and fill the font all the way up, because Savannah is really tall. At Savannah's baptism the spirit was so strong. Sister Toolson and Brother Halverson gave great talks on baptism and the Holy Ghost. There was also a special Musical number that her friends, Rebecca, Julia, Josh, and Elder Moon sang, Come thou fount of every blessing. I feel sad that her family was not there to support her. She had a lot of great friends and ward family that was there to encourage her. One of the coolest things that happened was that her friend Josh Atkinson, the person who started it all by giving her a Book of Mormon, got to baptize her. Awesome right.
Sunday we had the confirmation of Savannah, and she wanted me to do it. I was super nervous. It was my first time confirming someone, and there was a lot of people there for the sacrament. I didn't really know what to say. I kept praying for the spirit to be with me and to lead and guide me. I knew that it wasn't me giving the blessing, I was just the voice, an instrument in Gods hands, and the spirit would be guiding me through it. There was a moment when I stopped for a few seconds trying to think of what to say. I thought the words would just come to me. But they didn't. I remembered a scripture in the D&C it says that open your mouth and it shall be filled. I realized I would be there forever just thinking of what to say. I had to open my mouth and just start saying something. It wasn't until I opened my mouth and started to speak that my mouth was filled with what I should say. It was cool and it helped me realize that I needed faith, it would happen. It takes faith and effort on our part in order to receive the blessing we need. We must show God we are willing to do what he asks, and in turn he is willing to do what we ask.
Then later Sunday night, we were stopped on the side of the road, and a lady named Krista came up to us and asked if we could do her a favor and give her friend a blessing. She said that her friend, Aurora, had been going through some health issues and need help. Krista was on her way over to Auroras house and was talking to her on the phone. She saw us and asked Aurora if she would be interested in receiving a blessing. She said that it would be great. We went over to her house and gave her a blessing and taught her about the importance of the scriptures and how they can help her in times of trial. The spirit was so strong that she started to cry. We were able to give her a Book of Mormon, and she is wants to learn more. Sometimes we have to be humbled and brought down to our lowest levels so that we a can be brought up to our highest. It is sad that she is sick, but by being sick it was able to open her eyes and help her find the gospel. That she would probably never have had the chance other wise.
I Love and Miss all of you thanks for all you do. I Love hearing from you.
Elder Jaden Paget

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