Monday, August 19, 2013

Cardiff Cookies

Another week of has come and gone. This last week has been very busy. We had to make all the final preparations for the new missionaries. So we spent all of preparation day color coding the ward directory, making a new area book, copying maps, setting up appointments for them to teach. It was a lot of work but we we finally got it all done just in time for them to come.  After we went to our ward beach party. Yes I know that we are not supposed to go to the beach, however we got special permission from President Kendrick. We never got on the sand but we got up to the edge of it. We had an amazing contact. This guy just came up and tapped me on my shoulder, and asked if I was from Utah. I said yes and he ask if he could talk with me. I said sure. He told us that he had been reading the Book of Mormon and knows that is true. He told us that he has done a lot of research wants to move to St George, Utah because of the climate and there are lots of mormons there. He said his wife was also interested and is doing her own research. We told him that we could teach them and answer any questions that he had. I asked him for his number so we could contact him. He said he would have to go talk to his wife first and come back. We stood there waiting and he never came back. It was a golden contact, and he just slipped right out of our hands. Hopefully we will run into him again. 
The Missionaries finally came after the long anticipation, on Tuesday. There names were Elder Sparks and Stones. They are both from Utah. Elder Sparks has been out for 7 Months and came from the Riverside Mission. Elder Stones is brand new from the MTC. It is great to only cover half the area, and focus more on a specific section of the Cardiff ward. It was cool to see all the new missionaries come in, because I was in that same situation 6 weeks ago. At the transfer meeting we got our mail, and to my surprise my mom had overnighted me five dozen cookies. IT WAS AMAZING. However since I have so many cookies, I have been eating them non stop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Elder Moon and I have been doing our best to eat them all before they go bad. It didn't even cross my mind that I could freeze them for later.
Savannah is going to be baptised on Friday. She has talked to her Mom and finally got permission. So all systems are go! It was because of her faith and her desire to become like her heavenly father that made it possible. With the lord on your side you can do anything.
Elder Paget
Sorry my letters are so short, I will do my best to make them longer. If you want to hear more ask my parents for my journal entries.

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