Thursday, July 4, 2013

2nd letter!

My District

My Room

Leaving the MTC for Cali!

Hey sorry I haven't been able to write to you. You can only write letters and email on p-days. Anyway there is not a lot of time to answer all of your questions so I have included my schedule and Journal entries for the first week. I hope this answers all of them. We fly out on Tuesday 7/2/13 at 8:30am on Delta flight 2295 to San Diego.

Question Answers:
I have seen Ciah about 5 times probably.
I have seen Brantly Thomas and a few others from Viewmont. There are 4 guys in our room. The food is good, I haven't really had a problem eating everything. Of course I have tried  the OJ, who do you think I am?

I apologize for not having any time with the Broadcast and Mission President Conference it has been crazy here.
Things I need:
Line of Authority
8x11 picture of George Washington praying
Send these to Carlsbad- please!

Anyway, again we can only write and email on p-day. I understand why you are mad that you have only received one letter. It is overwhelming to try and answer all of your questions. I appreciate that you are trying to stay in touch. However, I am doing the best that I can and I can only write once a week. We only have half an hour to email here in the MTC. I think I will have 2 hours in the field. I will try to send more info but at the MTC we do not have a lot of time. I hope we have more time in Carlsbad.
 Elder Guerro says Hi
I am trying to get you pictures too. It probably won't be until next p-day.

Here are Elder Paget's Journal Entries from the first week:

 First day 6/19/13
Today was my first day at the MTC. I have learned a lot and have felt the spirit so strongly. I know this is the right thing for me to be doing right now. My companion is awesome! His name is Elder Kaden Fitzpatrick, he is from Payson, Utah.
The atmosphere here is like no else. It will be interesting  to see what happens tomorrow. I am pretty excited for Sunday. The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will be here for a world wide broadcast that we will be able to attend at the Marriot Center. There are rumors that they are going to announce something. It is exciting. I am with 5 other elders and 3 sisters headed for Carlsbad. Time to go to bed, it is now 10:30pm.

Second Day 6/20/13
It was really hard to get up at 6:30am, we actually woke up at 6:15 to beat the shower rush. I was surprised there was a lot of Elders up. So we are getting up at 6:00am and trying again. I accidently left my temple recommend at home. So I have been given an opportunity to email my family on a day other than p-day. Today is Thursday and I need it by Wednesday so I can go to the temple with my district. The funny thing is my companion also left his temple recommend home too.  Anyway, today was another awesome day. We met our Branch President and his counselors, President Hatch. I hope tomorrow will be as good as today.

Third Day 6/21/13
The MTC is really tough. It challenges and humbles you so much. Today we role played a lot. In the role plays we teach Elders or Sisters as if they were a real investigator. We taught lots of lessons, and let me just say that I'm glad we still have a lot of time before we head off to Carlsbad, California. Today we learned what we need to do to teach better and so we can do better tomorrow. Today we got up at 6:00am to beat the shower rush and it worked so we plan on doing the same tomorrow.
Cool scripture of the day:
Luke 15:4-7, 10
Parable of the lost sheep, really good shows Christ's love for us.

Fourth Day 6/22/13
I am so excited for tomorrow, the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are here at the MTC for sacrament meeting and the world wide broadcast. They say that they are going to change something pertaining to missionary work. They say it is the biggest announcement in 100 years. Lots of rumors...Book of Lehi, new scriptures, swimming, Segways, Ipads, 3 Nephi, you name it, it will change missionary work forever.the spirit is just so strong. Sorry don't have time to write too much, we were talking too much about tomorrow.

Fifth Day 6/23/13
Today we had a pretty exciting day. We had out first Sunday here at the MTC. We had sacrament, Priesthood and district meetings. We also were privileged to be able to attend the world wide leadership conference. The  First Presidency and most of the  Twelve Apostles were in attendance. Some changes made to missionary work: Missionaries are now allowed to use the internet, specifically Facebook, email, blogs, etc.. They also said that meeting houses will be open 7 days a week and missionaries will be there to give guided tours of them. The Spirit there was by far the strongest I have ever felt in my life. It was amazing to me that I went to the MTC just before all of this happened. What are the chances. All the missionaries from the MTC were there along with the 173 new Mission Presidents. I got all emotional when the choir sang "Hark All Ye Nations" and "Called to Serve". I really felt the love that God has for all of us doing His work. After all that we were discussing the broadcast and Elder Fitzpatrick got us off track when he told us that his dog's name was "Squirtle Lemon Orange Jello". we were all laughing so hard. We have the best District. In our District we have Elder Fitzpatrick, Elder Ball, Elder Day, Elder Solomon, Elder Guerro, Sister Farr, Sister Cavaretta, and Sister Broadbent, they are all Amazing!

Sixth Day 6/24/13
Today was a crazy, insane day. The day started off normal with personal study then a service project. After that we had a hard workout,  then we went to class. Just as class was starting an announcement come over the intercom for me and my companion to call  the front desk and they said we needed to go have our temple recommend interview with the MTC Presidency member. Earlier that morning we had found some books that are given to Spanish speaking missionaries to help them learn the language. We decided to pull a prank on our district and tell them while we were meeting with President Hacking, we were changed to Spanish speaking and that we would be heading to the Mexico MTC. Anyway, so we grabbed all of our stuff out of the classroom. Elder Solomon asked us what we were doing, we told him we had an important meeting with President Hacking and that they has told us to grab all of  our stuff. As we were heading to our meeting, Elder Fitzpatrick noticed he did not have his temple recommend. We decided to go anyway, after saying a quick prayer, we went inside and talked to President Hacking, he said we needed to find Elder Fitzpatrick's  recommend and to come back after we had lunch with the General Authorities and new Mission Presidents. So we went and had lunch with our district. After we found my companions recommend in the back pocket of his pants. Anyway so our district is asking us what is going on. We told them that we couldn't talk about it, but it sounds like we are being transferred. So we ate a quick lunch and headed back for our meeting. Everything went fine with our interviews, but they didn't have anyone to activate it. So we had to leave them in the main office, they told us to come back later and pick them up at the front desk. So we headed back to our classroom with our Spanish learning guides in our hand. We walked in and our district asked us what happened? We showed them our Spanish books and told them we were being transferred. They got all sad and said they were going to pray for us. After about 10 minutes we told them that we were just pranking them. They got so mad because they had started to get all emotional right before we told them. I felt bad but it was still funny!

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