Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Finally an email from California!

HI These are questions that I asked Jaden and his responses....

eLDER pAGET & eLDER Fitzpatrick IN cALI!

How is California?  It is awesome, perfect weather.

1-Where are you - located?   Encinitas California, but technically we are in the Cardiff Ward in the Del Mar Stake.  It is the highest tithing paying Stake in the world. They funded the San Diego Temple. We are a half mile from the coast and we run over to it every morning.

 2- Do you have an address that I can send stuff too? Or a members home that is close by?  No you can only send stuff to the misson office.

3- I know that there is the mission home but when do you get the stuff if I mail it there?  Once a week I don't know I have only gotten mail when we arrived there.

4-Does it sit there for a while or is there a set day you pick stuff up from there?

         I don't know Mondays at District Meeting so if you send something it would have to  arrive by Friday so I can get it by monday. So you probably need to send stuff on at least Tuesdays Wendnesdays.
5-What have you been doing this past week?  Awesome the first night we committed to young boys to be baptised and we have 5 new investigators. Which is unheard of in our ward.
6- Who is your new companion? His name is elder moon.
7-Where is he from?  Plano Texas he was in the same ward with President Kendrick
8- Do you know what the new mission boundaries are?  How do I see them? No I don't know them but you can find them on lds.org
9- Have you thought of anything else you want me to send you? not right now
10-Are you teaching people? Yes alot of people. Most of them are just crazy. There is a huge Self Relization church on the 101 (Pacific Coast Highway) right by us and so most people around here just think they need to meditate to have a relationship with god and religion is point less. So it is hard to show them how it is.
11- What did you do on the fourth of July? We went to a party had pizza waffles pancakes you name it. They had a FHE activity. Out here FHE is a big deal. They have a pizza and swim party every monday night.
12-At church today they asked me what your favorite scripture is to put on your plaque for the hallway- let me know what it is. Alma 37: 44-45
13-Are you in an apartment or a home? We are in a members home the Andersons. They are super nice.
14-What eating places are around there? They have a little bit of everything. Mostly Mexican. We went to Chick-Fil-A yesterday and it was amazing.
15-Cami wants to know if you are close to the beach? We are super close. We are in between I-5 and the 101. The beach is only a half mile away.
16-What types of stuff do you want in your package? What do you not like in your package? Everything is great, I love all the snacks. There wasn't a way to put up the banner. The Glow sticks were cool but there isn't too much we can do with stuff like that because we are inside by 9 pm.
17- When I do a Dear Elder now- when do you get it? the same as a package?
 Dear Elder would be fine as long as you do it on a friday or saturday so that I can get it by monday.
18-What did you want me to do with the hair clippers?
 Take them back. I can't really do anything with them right now.
I will send you my Journal Pages I feel this is the easiest way so I don't really have to write it down twice. I don't really have time because I spent a lot of it answering questions. Do you like me to send my journal pages or would you rather me send you a long email describing my week?
That is Crazy that they hit a moose. I bet Grandpa is mad about it hitting his truck. Did they go up to the cabin for fishing?
I hope this gives you some info I will send a letter or email with more. I will send some pitures too.
Elder Paget

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