Monday, October 6, 2014

Sept. 29, 2014 The Three Discos

Things are crazy busy right now. I don't know where to begin. It has had its ups and downs.

 We will start with the bad news we had to drop three investigators. It is always tough to do. By far the hardest thing you have to do on the mission. Because they are not the ones telling us to not come over anymore. It is us telling them we can't come over any more, because they are not keeping their commitments to read, pray, go to church, or be baptized. It is hard.

The Good news is that we picked up three new investigators. We started to teach a part member family that recently moved into the ward. We had original though we were going to pick up one new investigator but ended up being two. Then we the other investigator that we picked up invited us over to his house for dinner Wednesday night. We got a text out of the blue from some of his member friends and told us he wanted us to come and start teaching him over dinner. :)

Things are rolling right now. We are having a hard time trying to schedule all the lessons we are teaching. It is an awesome problem to have. 

William and Linda are still on track for their baptism on Oct 11. They have shown that they are really committed. This last week end they were going to see some family in Orange county. But decided not to because they went they would not have enough gas to make it to church the next day. They are awesome!

Sorry it is short. 

Love Elder Paget

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