Thursday, August 7, 2014

June 30, 2014 Potentials Galore

This has been a great week. We are working as hard as week can. I am working as hard as I have ever worked on the mission so far. We are making sure to talk to everyone. This week our focus was to see how many potential investigators we can get in on week. We talked to about 175 people and we found 15 potential investigators. That means for about every 12 people we talked to, we found someone who was willing for us to come back and teach them. It is really cool. It is so amazing to see so many people show interest. In a good week would usually find 2-3 potential investigators. It is a miracle found so many. Now we just have to start teaching all of them. We have had quite a few miracles this last week.

First we ran in to a guy by the name of Gabriel last week. We were asking him if he needed any help with anything. He said no, but that he could use a prayer. He said he needed healing and wanted to have me pray also for his kids protection. So I prayed with him. Then asked him If we could give him a card with our number so he could call us in case him or his family needed anything. I handed him a pass along card with the picture of Jesus when he appeared to the people in America. As I gave him it I explained what was happening in the picture and briefly told him about the Book of Mormon and gave him one.  He though it was really interesting. We set up a return appointment for Wednesday to teach him more. We called hp on Tuesday to see if we were still on for our lesson. He said that he got shingles and his kids had chicken pox and told us not to come over. Elder Metcalfe and I have already both had the chicken pox and told him it was not a big deal for us to come over. He said it we should reschedule anyway, and that he just needed prayers. We told him about blessings and that we had the power and authority to act in Jesus's name. He then changed his mind and allowed us to come the next day. When we were there we taught him and his family about blessings and doing it in the way that the savior did it with oil. He though it was really cool. HE had read in the bible about it but had never heard or seen anyone doing it that way. We gave his kids blessings and then it was Gabriel's turn to get his. The spirit was really strong and everyone recognized its presents there. We then were able to set up a new return appointment to come back the following Wednesday to teach him and his family. I can't wait. It was great to be able to be in a position to help those who stand in need. I know this church is true and love being a missionary!

I will let you know of the other miracles next week.

Elder Paget

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