Thursday, August 7, 2014

July 7, 2014 It is True

We had a pretty good week. We had a good Fourth of July even though no one was home. The protests on the Border Patrol Office sure made things interesting. I have never seen so many news crews in my life.

But most importantly, we finally picked up a new investigator! It has been probably 6 or more weeks that we have been trying to find people to teach. I am glad it is all over. His name is Gabriel. I told you last week on how we met him and gave priesthood blessings to him and his family. We started teaching him this last week. We taught him the Restoration, in one of the coolest lessons I have ever had. It was incredible. As we were teaching him about Joseph Smith and his experience. We told him that we would like to share it in Joseph Smiths own words. After we shared it we would have a brief pause and we told him to break the pause by telling us how he felt. Elder Metcalfe gave the first vision, and we pause just as we said we would do. Then we sat there in silence for what seemed to be an hour, but really was only five minutes. Then he said, " It is true! You know the whole time something, just kept telling me "What they are saying is true!" They words came into my mind. It is true. It is True!" We explained to him that it was the Holy Ghost telling him it was true. Then we invited him to be baptized on August 3. He accepted and then said, pointing to his 2 year old daughter, " How old do you have to be to be baptized?" We told him you have to be eight years old. He said, " I want my whole family to be baptized! Can we do it at the same time?" We told him that his kids older than eight could be baptized at the same time. We told him as missionaries we teach people and prepare them for baptism and that we would like to start teaching his whole family the next time we came. He agreed and we set an appointment for 6 pm tonight. Unfortunately he just barely cancelled but we will meet with them soon. Can't wait!

Elder Paget

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