Thursday, August 7, 2014

July 14, 2014 Pink Wash

Well I don't even know where to begin. This week has been absolutely crazy! So much has happened in such little time. This week Elder Metcalfe and I went to the temple, got pulled over by the police, and had to say goodbye to all the people we have come to love in Murrieta.

The Temple was amazing! It always is. We went on Tuesday morning down to the San Diego Temple. The greatest thing about the Temple is the peace, and comfort from the spirit there. My favorite thing about the Temple is sitting in the Celestial Room. I love to sit there and ponder questions that I have. I have always left the temple with my questions answered every time. Never once has the Lord failed me. I only wish we could go more. After my mission I want to set a goal of going at least every other week to the temple and maybe I can even be a temple worker.

The next day after our wonderful trip were getting ready for Zone Training meeting. We had to pick up two other sets of missionaries and take them there. Then got a call around 9 am from the Zone Leaders. They told us that the Sister missionaries in the Winchester Ward needed to have their car jump started. So we had one hour to pick up and drop off two sets of Elders, some how find jumper cables, jump start the sisters car, and arrive at our meeting on time. Need less to say that desperate times call for desperate measures. So let me just say I was doing everything in my power to be on time. We had just picked up the first set of missionaries and were on our way to get some jumper cables from the Rodriguez family, when we were pulled over by a Murrieta Police motorcycle cop. I had quite a few thoughts going around in my mind at that point. I was thinking crap I can't believe this is really happening. I am going to lose my driving privilege. I am going to get a ticket. But surprisingly I felt calm as I pushed out those thoughts with praying to our Heavenly Father to help us in our time of need. 

The police officer walked up to me and told me he had pulled me over for speeding. He said I was going 48 mph in a 35 mph zone. He asked for my drivers license. As I handed him my license, I noticed him take a look at my name badge. He said, "Hold on one moment, every state licenses are different. I just need a little while to find the expiration date." As he said that, he reached to his side and turned on his radio to call in my license. He then paused for a few dreadful seconds. Turned off the radio, handed my my license and said, "Just slow down." He then walked back to his motorcycle and drove away.

I was completely shocked. I though for sure I would get a ticket. There was absolutely no reason why I should not have gotten one. I was going almost 15 mph over. I didn't say anything to to convince not to give me a ticket. There are only two things I can think of reasons why he didn't give me a ticket. 1. It was the the first couple days of the month. He didn't necessarily have to get his quota just yet. Or 2. The Lord answered our prays and provided a way for us to get to our meeting on time. It was definitely the our Heavenly Father watching out for us. I don't think the officer was a member, and I don't know what he was told by the spirit. But I will always remember the day my pray was answered in my time of need, and that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can stop this work from progressing.

We learned this week that Elder Metcalfe and I will both be leaving this transfer. We are getting Pink Washed. Which means sisters will be coming in and taking our place. It was really sad to say goodbye to all the people that I have come to love over the 7 1/2 months I have served in Murrieta. I am going to miss each and everyone of them very much. I was hard to say goodbye to Autumn who we have been working with for the last month or so trying to get her Mom's permission to get baptized. It was hard not to say goodbye to Christine and give her encouragement not to give up. As she is going through some really hard times. It was sad to say the Fittons despite, the crazy times we have had there. It will be hard to get a new companion. Elder Metcalfe has been great. However, I am looking forward to my new area, new companion, and new adventures.

Elder Paget 

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