Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Torn Pants

We had another good week here in Murrieta. We made some progress, just another week when no one has been home. However we have seen some miracles none the less. Some things that happend this week, we set a new baptismal date,Shant was out of town but came to church, and we lost the our cell phone.Yes we actually lost it.
First of all we set a new baptismal date with a 16 year old named Brody. We started teaching him about a month ago when Dominic invited him to come to church. Before church we stopped by Dominic's house to wake him up and Brody was there waiting to go to church. So we taught him the restoration, gave him a Book of Mormon, then proceeded to church. He loved it however he disappeared for a while and we were unable to continue to meet with him. This last Friday our ward had a BBQ. We realized about an hour before the BBQ that we had forgot to invite Dominic and his family to come. We decided to make a quick stop by and invite them. When we went over Brody and Dominic were hanging out in the garage. We invited both of them to come eat, and play kick ball with us. They said they would come and then we left to clean off the picnic tables at the pavilion behind the church. Soon the party started and D and B showed up. They both told us how grateful they were that we invited them. Then D told us of the conversation he and Brody had after we left. He said that B mentioned how good he felt at church and while we were around and wondered why. D told him about the spirit and how it confirms truth. Then he went on and told Brody he needed to get baptized. B agreed and they headed off to the BBQ. Elder Rl and I were both in shock. We didn't expect it. Anyway we then asked him when he would like to get baptized he said, " I am available next Saturday." D then said "No you will need another week to learn everything." As much as we wanted to have a one week baptism we agreed and set a baptismal date for April 27.
S is still doing well. He was out of town in Mexico City this last week, but was still able to make it to church. He is still excited to be baptized on April 27. It should be a busy day. Brother B the ward missionary who introduced us to S is working on finding him an apartment in our ward boundaries. Yes he doesn't live in our ward boundaries, or our mission boundaries. Not yet anyway. Brother Bowman doesn't want anyone else to teach his friend. What can we do?
So we lost our phone on Saturday. We spent the morning driving around trying to find people on a list that Bishop Pulispher gave us. We decided to take a break for lunch and we got a call to pick up the Elders in the Cole Canyon ward because they were stranded at the Stake Center. We picked them up and took them to where they live. When we were there we got mail. In the mail Elder Russell got a gift card to go to Little Caesars so we decided to go there for lunch. We went inside to get the pizza, and the gift card didn't work. So Elder R had to pay using his credit card. I told him he should call the number on the back of the giftcard to see if there was anything on it. Thats when we noticed we didn't have our phone. We knew that we had just had it when we had got a call from the Cole Canyon Elders, but it was missing. In that time we had not gotten out of the car at all only to go into Little Caesars. We checked the car and found nothing, so we decided to go back in and check. We looked around and didn't see it. Elder R started to get mad becuase he put all the blame on himself. He said it was all his fault that we lost the phone. He had it in the car and said that he must of lost it in Little Caesars and someone stole it. There was nothing at that point that we could do so we went back to our apartment. The Murrieta Hills Elders live with us in the same apartment complex, so we went by and asked them to call/text our phone, and wait so see if someone would respond. No one did so we went to eat lunch in our apartment. When we got in there Elder R took his pants by the pocket and tore them down the seem. He said it wasn't the first time that he had lost something because to the small pockets his pants had. I was is shock I didn't know what to do. Shortly after Elder R changed into some other pants we got a knock at the door. It was the Murrieta Hills Elders. They said that the Cole Canyon Elders that we gave a ride home took our phone, and that they still had it. I just started to laugh because Elder R had tore his pants over it.
Any way we are going to have a mission conference this Saturday with M. Russell Ballard. We are soo excited and can't wait to hear what he has to say. I will let you know what happens.
Love Elder Paget

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