Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Power to Choose- March 24

Things are going well here in Murrieta. We have really been focused on finding new people to teach. All the people we have been teaching recently have stopped progressing and are not keeping our commitments. It is really sad to see someone to stop when they are so close to realizing for themselves the Truth of our message.
As a missionary we will not force anyone to make the right decisions or turn their life around for the better. Everyone we teach has their own God given free agency, and we can't take that from them. Over the last week I have felt just a small portion of what God must feel like when we and those around us make the decision to turn away from him. However sad it may seem, we know that their choice or agency is one of the most important gifts God has given to us and to them. It is pretty remarkable to know of the love and confidence that our Heavenly Father has in us, to make the right decisions so we can return once agian to him. Even though God knows that by giving us this power to choose not all of his children would make it back to live in his presence.
We have always had the power to choose. In the premortal life we had to choose between God's plan and Lucifer's plan. As a result 1/3 of the hosts of heaven revolted and were cast out of heaven. It must have been devastating for Heavenly Father. However, knowing that 2/3 of his children still had the chance to become like him, he was willing to make the sacrifice of 1/3 of his children, so that we could have this opportunity to progress and choose for ourselves, right from wrong. He wants what is best for us, and will not force us to come back to him. We have to make that choice for ourselves. He has provided a wonderful opportunity to learn and to grow here on Earth. We must take advantage of it and make the right decisions in the here and now, so that the happily ever after in the future is a reality.
Over this last week I went of exchanges with Elder J in his area. We had a great time and took me tracting for the first time on my mission. Well he kind off forced me into it. I told Elder W that I had never gone tracting before and that I never planned on ever going. He told our district leader Elder J about it before he was transferred. Elder J then took advantage of the exchange and took me tracting for thirty minutes. Just to make sure I would get the opportunity to do it.
M has not been progressing and has been watching anti-mormon videos on youtube lately, so he probably will not be getting baptized on April 13.
C J is still going strong and her husband A is slowly progressing.
We picked up a part member family that we have been teaching, named the S. Hopefully they continue to learn and to have future lessons with us.
Love Elder Paget

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