Monday, March 17, 2014

Murrieta- 3 Months and Counting

Things are going great here in Murrieta, I have had a busy week. It all started off with saying goodbye to Elder W, who has been my companion for the last 3 months, at the transfer meeting. Then picking up my new companion, Elder R. He was just serving in another part of Murrieta, and didn't go far. He is from Bountiful, Utah and went to Viewmont High School. No we didn't know each other. He was a grade older than me. However that doesn't matter any more because I know him now. We have been working hard and really focusing on new people to teach. Most of the investigators we have now are not progressing, and if they don't start soon then we will have to move on to those who are more interested and committed. We set a new baptismal date with M. He is planning on being baptized on April 13. He still has some work to do but he will be able to be ready then.
One of the crazy things that happened this week was going to transfer meeting and coming back. Brother S had arranged a van for a bunch of missionaries in Murrieta to carpool down to vista, and Brother Phillips to drive us there. When Brother P went to go pick up the van from the family we were borrowing it from they didn't know we were coming. Fortunately she found another way to get her kids home from school and allowed us to take it. Then we were also borrowing a scout trailer, to put all of the bikes in that we were to take, and there was no wiring to hook up the rear brake lights. It also didn't hook on to the ball correctly. However we had to go, or else we would be late. So we had the person with the most faith pray that we wouldn't get pulled over and that we would make it safely there. Fortunately all was well on the way down. On the way back, once again we said a prayer that we would be safe and nothing would happen to us on the way back to Murrieta. Once again the person with the most faith said it and we took off. Everything was going fine until we were a few miles away. Brother P noticed a motorcycle cop behind him with is lights on trying to pull us over. Brother P started to change lanes and pull over. Then luckily the cop pulled up to the drivers window and gave a warning to not be in the left two lanes when pulling a trailer. It was miracle that we didn't get a ticket, and that he didn't see the lights not working.
Thanks Love
Elder Paget

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