Sunday, March 9, 2014

More Miracles in Murrieta Feb. 24th

 This is where Elder Paget spent his P-day today- playing basketball and raquetball- at a members home!

This was his Valentine Package we sent to him!

Elder Paget did not have time to send a general email today. They had a temple devotional which took up most of the day. We did receive a package from him today and this is an excerpt from his letter:
Elder W and I had an awesome contact this week with a man named F. He was working on fixing up a garage when we walked by. We went up to him and told him we were the missionaries in the area. We were going around helping people with their family history. I asked him if he had ever researched his family history before. He said yes. Then I asked him if he found any cool stories about his ancestors. He told us that his ancestors from Mexico had been Christians for over 1500 years! He then went on to say that along time before  that, his ancestors came from Jerusalem. Elder Wilkinson and I both looked at each other in surprise. But that is not all, He said that he has a Mormon friend in Utah that has sent him books and magazines about the church. He said he knows all about Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon, and the Angel Moroni. He continued on saying he helped build the San Diego Temple. But most importantly after all this, he said "I have learned a lot about your church in the past, but now it is time to take it seriously". He then said I want to get my whole family together to teach them. I know what you will say is true.
This was a great miracle that we got to talk to him. We didn't really say anything the entire time. We just asked about the stories of his ancestors. That is when he was filled with the spirit of Elijah and all his memories and information that he had learned about the gospel of Jesus Christ came flooding in his mind and testified that what we believe and teach is true. It was an amazing experience. We are hopefully going to teach him and his family soon.
I just want you to know that I love and miss all of you! Thanks for all you have done for me.
Elder Paget

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