Tuesday, April 15, 2014

End of the First Quarter- April 1st

We had a pretty good week. It is then end of the first quarter of the year. As a mission we had a goal of 85 baptisms by March 31. I am pleased to announce that we exceeded our goal and ended up with 110 Baptisms! :) It is awesome. We have a goal of 100 baptisms for the next quarter that we are now working towards. We are still continuing to try to find new investigators. It has been really hard this last week because it has been spring break here. Which means no one has been home. But we will keep pressing on and keep moving forward. We will see if things pick up soon. There is still one more week of spring break that we have to endure.

We had crazy miracle on Sunday. Another person show up at church. It is the 3rd time this year it has happened. It is pretty incredible how new investigators have just showed up to church, right when we need them. His name is S and Brother B a ward missionary invited him to come to church after meeting him at Denny's. He is awesome and we have an appointment to teaching on tomorrow.

We finally dropped M after teaching him for 6 months. It is sad because he knows the church is true but he is unwilling to make the changes necessary to be baptized. To be able to join Christ's true church. So we won't be teaching him from now on, but will still stop by to teach is younger siblings who were recently baptized. So I am sorry we probably won't have very more interesting stories from the F home or have my companions continue to get drunk off of rum cake.

Elder Paget

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