Monday, October 7, 2013

New Transfer, New Companion

This week has be rough. It is hard running an area by yourself. I have to do all the planning because my new companion does not know the area or the investigators. I have had to take all the responsibilities on my self. It is hard but I am learning so much. The best way to learn is to experience. I am going through all lot of experiences right now.
L, one of our investigators, has made tons of progress this last week. She had came with us to the bible study last week. She loved it so she decided to go again this week. Elder M and I went to the bible study with her right before the transfer meeting on Tuesday. After the bible study we invited her to be baptized. She said YES! She is going to be baptized on October 19. But that is not all. She kept calling us with questions about being baptized. Like what she needed to wear and what time the baptism would be at. Lee was so excited. We invited her to a baptism that the Encinitas ward was having for two little girls. We told her the best way to know what a baptism is like, is to go to one. She came with us on Saturday to the baptism and she said that it was amazing and that the spirit was so strong. It sealed the deal for her own baptism. Then just when we thought it could not get any better. She came with us to church. At church we had our fast and testimony meeting one week early because of General Conference. During the  testimonies, L started to cry and cried through the rest of the meeting. She was deeply touched by the spirit, confirming to her that what she was doing was right. It is so great to see all of these small miracle's take place in someone's life just simply wanting to find the truth.
T and C  was supposed to be baptized this Friday however they are not progressing.  So it will be postponed. We have asked them to read the scriptures and come to church for the last couple of weeks. They still have not done so. We will have to keep encouraging them to come closer to the savior. Hopefully they will start making changes in their lives to bring them in harmony with the spirit.
Hopefully we will find some more people to teach soon. The investigators we have are simply not progressing. We will keep pressing on. The last week has been rough however, I still love being a missionary. There is nothing better.
Elder Jaden Paget

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