Sunday, October 27, 2013

Amazing Week!

Well this last week has been amazing. We had the privilege of going to the temple and having a baptism. It was absolutely incredible. The San Diego Temple is beautiful. When you think of the word temple there are two temples that come to mind, First of course the most famous temple is the Salt Lake Temple. Then the second most famous temple in my opinion is the San Diego Temple. It is not a coincidence that most of the accidents on the I-5 happen within sight of the San Diego Temple. You look at it and you can't take your eyes from it. We went to the 9 am endowment session, with other missionaries in our district. The spirit was so strong. After the session we found out that we didn't have a ride back to Cardiff. We were stuck. We were only stuck in San Diego, in another mission, for 4 or 5 hours before we where able to find a ride. So what did we do? We walked around  and contacted people. We also were starving so we walked to the mall across the freeway to get some food. When our ride did come we didn't have enough seats for all of us in Rogers BMW convertible. So I had to sit on a tiny console in the back. It was very uncomfortable.
L's Baptism was wonderful. We made sure to get there early so we would have enough time to fill the font, and set everything up. While we were filling the font we realized that there was no hot water. Only the hot water was on and it was freezing cold. We soon realized after some trouble shooting that the hot water heater was not working. It had gone out. We started to panic. Could we possibly baptise someone in cold water? Of course not. We called Bishop Toolson up and he told us to start boiling water in the kitchen so the water would not be so cold. We boiled pot after pot throwing the hot water into the chilly font. But however we didn't have enough time, and or pots to increase the waters temperature to a comfortable level. When it came time to baptise Lee, I went into the water first. It was not as cold as I thought it would be. However when Lee stepped into the water you could sense that it was to cold for her. I raised my hand to the square and then proceeded with the baptism by immersion. As she went into the water she went into a sudden shock. Like when you jump into a cold Lake. Her feet slipped out from under her and It was extremely hard for me to help her out of the water. It felt like an eternity that she was under the water even though it was probably only 3-4 seconds. Finally I was able to help her back up out of the water. It didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked but, It was alright because it made things interesting. At the baptism the Stake President , and the Sister who teaches the bible study each week, spoke at the baptism. Brother Watson also sang Amazing Grace as a special Musical number. With out fail all the major events or experiences I have had, such as all the baptisms we have had, sacrament meeting on my birthday, in the MTC, we have sang I am a Child of God. We also sang it at L's baptism. I don't think it is a coincidence, especially because I had nothing to do with any of the song choices. Crazy right. Papa is watching over me.
Love, Elder Paget

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