Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cardiff Fire

Last week was great we made a lot of progress. Their are so many miracles that took place. Here are just a few that happened this week.
L is going to finally be baptized on Saturday, October 19. Last week we were thinking that she was going to have to move out in order for her to be baptized. However  President Kendrick said that she didn't have to move out because she is retired and has no other place she can go. We did run into some last minute problems with the baptismal interview. So she had to have an interview with President Kendrick and he was able to resolve them. L is so excited to finally become a member. She calls us up everyday and tell us just how she can not wait for her baptism. L said she has had many questions in her life. She would always ask her pastor about and he would not be able to answer. She said that we were the only ones that were able to answer all the questions that she had. It was so weird because at first she absolutely did not want anything to do with us. All she wanted to do was to bible bash with us. So after our first visit we decided we would not go back.  L then got a hold of the missionaries in the Del Mar ward and they told us that she wanted us to go back. We hesitated and finally decided to go back after two weeks of debating. We went back and again she started to bash with us at the beginning of the lesson. However at the end of the lesson her heart was softened and she accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon, and said that we could come back again. Now she is on fire! She has already read the entire Book of Mormon in 20 days and is in Helaman in her second time reading it. She watched all 10 hours of General Conference, comes to church, and a bible study class that the stake relief society puts on each week. She has done everything we have asked. Her baptismal program is going to be great we have the stake president, bishop, and the bible study class teacher all speaking. I can't wait either.
Then T and C finally came to church this last Sunday. It only took 2 months for them to finally be able to come. They had a baptismal date for Oct 5, and it has already past. We tried to set a new date this last week, but they would not let us. Their father told us that they need more faith. We have taught them all the lessons already and they could be baptized at any time. I feel like their parents don't want to come back to the church. They want us to come teach their kids all about it, but they are unwilling to change their ways. It is sad to see. But they are making an effort now and are finally keeping our commitments.
At church we also had a guy named J show up to church and surprise us. He is a less active member in the ward and has not been to church in 8 years. He is a golf instructor at Torrey Pines Golf Course here in Southern California. We had stopped by his house last Wednesday to see how he was doing. It was the first time I had been able to come in contact with him in the last 4 months. We talked with him about church a little bit but we never asked him to come with us. I don't know why but we didn't. That is why it was a surprise to see him at church, and we didn't even ask him to come. Yet he came and wants to become active again. It is so great.
Any way it has been great and I am looking forward to L's Baptism.
Elder Jaden Paget

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