Monday, March 23, 2015

Nov. 24, 2014 Crunch Time

Things are going good with Joey. He is almost ready for his baptism this Saturday. He gave us quite the scare when we lost contact with him for the last week. His phone got shut off and he lives really far away so we could not really just stop by. We made a few trips over to his house and he was never home. Luckily he came to church and we were able to talk to him then. It is now crunch time to teach him about tithing and give him his baptismal interview during this busy Holiday this week. 

We have been meeting with our Investigator Albert, off and on for the last 3 months. We really had not been able to teach him even half of a lesson. Every time we try to stop by he says he is busy and tells us to just call him the day of to set something up. Needless to say he is very hard to set anything up with. Finally we were able to meet with him this last week and teach him the Restoration. We gave the First Vision and we asked him what his thoughts were. He said it is True. Then we asked him how he knew it was true. He replied I just know it is true. It is always amazing to see the miracle of someone letting the spirit touch their hearts and confirm the truth of our message to them. If only there were more people who would remove the barriers blocking their hearts to let God communicate with them. I often think to myself what barriers do I put up that is blocking God from fully communicating to me? I would ask you to do the same. Really think about that. Then most importantly do something about it. Break down the barrier. Do what ever you need to.

Elder Paget 

Here is a picture of me and a Brand new Corvette  

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