Monday, March 23, 2015

Dec. 1, 2014 Disco December

Wow I can't believe it is Already December! It is crazy! Our last week of November went well. We had a lot to do with so little time because of Thanksgiving. It didn't turn out like we would have hoped but we got everything done that we need to.  

We were crazy busy preparing for Joey's Baptism. We taught him Monday night about Tithing, Fasting, and Following the Prophet. Then got him ready for his baptismal interview. His Dad came in and talked with us. We thought he was going to tell us that he was not going to let him get baptized. But he told us that he didn't really have a problem with Joey being baptized. He just wanted to make sure that he was not going to regret it.  Wednesday we had his baptismal interview. Everything at this point was a little stressful, just trying to get everything ready. So far so good. 

Everything was all good to go except we still needed was his Dad signature on his baptismal application. Thats all. We texted him Thursday. No answer. No big deal. He is just busy with the holidays, visiting his family. No worries. We call him Friday morning. No answer. We then shoot him a text. No answer. Now we know things are going to be tight and are starting to worry. We only have a few hours left in the day and we still need to get his Dads signature before his baptism the next day. We go to dinner and we have a member drop us off at his apartment. He is not home. Then we got a call from him. FINALLY! We were so glad to hear from him so we could work out the last and final loose ends before his baptism. However it was not the news that we wanted to hear. He called to tell us he was not going to get baptized the next day. His Dad was not going to give him permission to do it. He said that his Dad is fine with him making his own choices in his life, but he wasn't going to sign anything that would help his son turn away from his families traditions and beliefs. It was sad! Especially because we were supposed to baptize him the next day. This next week we are going to talk to his dad and see what happens. Wish us luck! Hopefully he can be baptized soon.

Thanksgiving was great.  We started off the morning playing football, then basketball in the Afternoon. It was a lot of fun hanging out with our district. Then we had dinner. Of course I stuffed my self as full as I could. Luckily we were not having a weight gain competition like we had last year, or else I would be hating life right now. 

We are excited for this next week. We have picked up a few more potential investigators and are looking forward to teaching them this week. 

Elder Paget

Here is a picture of the our district after Football.

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