Monday, March 23, 2015

Nov. 17, 2014 Split Wars

This week was pretty good. Another 6 weeks have come and gone already. It is going to fast! I am not going to be getting transferred because I am finishing up the training of Elder Woolsey. So I will be sticking around on the "Dark Side" of the ward, as Sister Ryan and Sister Higley, the sisters we split our ward with, call it until the end of December. But unlike Star Wars in our "Split Wars" father and son are teaming up to take on the Rebels. We know we are going to win because we have the force and they don't. Haha It is a lot of fun in a split ward. We pull a lot of pranks on each other. You have to have fun on your mission or you are wasting your time. If you don't enjoy it then

Training Elder Woolsey has been going good. He has been making a good transition. He is getting the hang of things and is now starting to take lead in the lessons. He is still a little quiet and doesn't say much, but when he bears his testimony it is amazing.

We saw a lot of crazy things this week. A guy trying to commit suicide, a drug bust in our apartment complex, and needles on the side of the street, and my companion dumpster diving for beer bottles. We are trying to recycle to get district ties. I think he might be taking it a little too far but, it is funny. He has his agency.....Just another a regular week in San Marcos. Don't worry mom there was nothing out of the usual.

Joey is still on date for November 29. He is making a lot of progress. He still needs to come to church one more time before he is baptized. Then his baptismal interview, and we are all set.  He was unable to come this last Sunday because he was working at McDonalds. He came to church last sunday and loved it. It was pretty amazing, members kept telling us that they can tell he is converted by the look in his eyes. He participated a lot in the lessons and even said a prayer in sunday school. 

Anthony is slowly making progress, he knows he needs to get baptized but his family doesn't want him to. We will keep working with him.

Elder Paget

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