Monday, September 9, 2013

Shortest Weekly Letter Ever!

Alright I don't really have a lot of time, to write. This last week has been amazing. We have had so much success. Labor Day was incredible, it was probably the most success in one day that I have had so far on the Mission. I wish I could have been at the Cabin though. Anyways holidays are always amazing in vacation spots. Everyone is happy and are in good moods. We were able to talk to about 60 different people and give them pamphlets, Book of Mormons, and pass along cards. One of the presents I got for my birthday was a Book of Mormon with Cami's, my sister, testimony written inside. I was able to give it to a lady who was in need of guidance and direction in her life. Well at least back to her Car. She was walking her dog and could not find her car so we were able to help her find it. I am sure if she reads it it will also provide direction in her life as well. Thanks Cami for doing that.
This week we also got two boys committed to Baptism. Theo and Cole Cano are going to be baptized on October 4. It all started when Theo asked his Dad Ted, if they needed to go to church to make it to heaven. Ted said yes you need to go to church. His dad realized that he needed to have his kids be taught about Jesus Christ and the plan that God has for us. Their parents are members but have not been active for years. Their Dad is alright with them being baptized but the Mom doesn't know. She is the main hold up right now. Theo and Cole are learning so much and are excited. I feel that teaching them will also activate their parents as well. It is so amazing to see so many young kids and teenagers interested in the Gospel. They are truly the noble and great ones. They are the rising generation that will usher in the Savior.
I hope everyone is doing well. Keep on Keeping On.
Love Elder Jaden Paget

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