Monday, September 16, 2013

Cardiff Cake!

So this week has flown by. We have been very, very busy. We have gone on exchanges, had zone training, participated in a missionary musical fireside, constructed a San Diego Temple Cake. It has been incredible.

So I went on exchanges with Elder Sparks on Monday. He is from Pleasant Grove Utah. He is a great missionary who used to be in the riverside mission until, the Irvine Mission was created and everything was move around. Elder Sparks is one of the missionaries we split the Cardiff ward with. I was really cool to be in my old area. We got to go by all the great non progressing investigators that we used to have. It is always interesting to go on exchanges and see how the other missionary dose things. When we go on exchanges you got to learn how to improve and get a first hand glimpse of what make other missionaries so successful.
The Missionary Musical Fireside was absolutely amazing. It was called. " Christ the Life the Light and the Way." The Del Mar Stake pulled out all the stops for this one. They flew out the director from Idaho ,James Grant for two weekends to practice and with us. Crazy right? He wrote the the musical while he was on his mission. The purpose of it was to have members, and non members come and leave with the feeling and knowledge that they believed everything that was shared is true. All the missionaries in the stake were involved in some way. Some sang and some had speaking parts. I had a narration part. What would happen is that there would be a song then a narration part or testimony, then another song. We practiced a lot over the last 2 weeks that we have know about it. The spirit was so strong there. It is amazing the power that music has and how it invites the spirit. Everyone that went said that it was amazing. We didn't have any of our investigators show up despite the fact that we reminded them several times. However one of our old investigators on the other side of the ward, named Elsie showed up. We helped Travis Stevens make another cake for the event. He made the San Diego Temple. It is by far the coolest cake I have ever seen. It took a lot of work but it was worth it. The Musical turned out great thanks to all the hard work everyone put in.
Any way once again I have run out of time to complete my weekly letter. I am sorry they are so short.
Love Elder Jaden Paget

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