Sunday, January 12, 2014

Murietta Miracles

Well once again I never cease to be amazed as a missionary. This week was another testament that the Lord truly works in mysterious ways, he is hastening his work at his own due time, and that time is NOW. I can't even begin to tell you how blessed Elder W and I have been serving here in the Murrieta Ward. But I hope that this letter will shed some light on the Miracles that have have witnessed and experienced this week.
We have seen many miracles at church. Over the last few weeks 2 different people have walked into church wanting to learn more. The first lady's name was M. M's husband is a less active member of our church, and she wanted to see what our church was all about. We were able to talk with her and found out that unfortunately she didn't live in our ward boundaries. So we had to pass her off the the Cole Canyon Elders. Luckily though as soon as we were able to pass her off, the Lord blessed us by sending someone else. J came to church yesterday with her friends parents, who had been teaching her a little about the church. She had a few questions and instead of her friend and his parents answering them they felt like it would be better for us to answer them so that we would be able to start teaching her. So during Sunday School we answered her questions and taught her the Plan of Salvation. She understood it all and loved it, and says she will be back next Sunday to learn more. Luckily she was already taught about the restoration and has already started to read the Book of Mormon. She is almost half way through 1 Nephi now and is enjoying it.
Last week A the husband of one of our investigators, sat in on a lesson we had on the Plan of Salvation. This week he is now officially one of our investigators. He participated and sat in on when teaching him the Restoration. He is very interested now and making his way closer to the waters of baptism. We are hoping that A will be baptized on the same day as his wife C, on January 18. We have not asked him yet but will sometime this week in our next lesson. We feel that he can be ready for that date. It is pretty soon, but we think it would be great if they could be baptised on the same day, and something that they could both look forward to.
M was supposed to be baptized this Saturday, however he is going to be busy and he is not quite ready yet. So we are going to reschedule for January 25. We meet with him everyday to help him along the way. However, recently he has not been reading or praying so he has not received and answer about the truthfulness of the Gospel. We helped him to realize this last night and he is now committed to do it everyday up to his baptism.
A funny thing this week was that we were over at M's home and his Mom gave us some cake. After eating one slice, I though to my self that it tasted kind of funny, but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to be rude. That is when M's mom told us that it was rum cake. but not to worry because all the alcohol was cooked out, and offered us another piece. I said I was good, but she gave me another anyway. Again I didn't want to be rude so I ate it. After finishing the second piece of cake I realized I could taste the Alcohol in it. I turned to Elder W, and he wasn't feeling good. He was feeling light headed, and couldn't really balance. He somehow got drunk off the rum cake, or rum sponge is a better way to put it. I was fine, but Elder W was hammered. So we decided to that he couldn't bike and that we needed a ride home. So M gave us a ride back. It was pretty funny I didn't know could get drunk off of rum cake but Elder W is convinced that that was the case.
Love Elder Paget

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