Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Everday Missionary

Another Crazy week has come and gone. We had a great baptism for Christine. Every thing is going great! We are having a lot of success right now. But I learned something cool over this last week that I wanted to share.
It hit me yesterday why exactly not only full time missionaries, but why members are needed to step up to Hasten the Work of Salvation. Of course members play a crucial role in the conversion of investigators through fellow shipping, and showing that they are loved. Members are also asked to do their own missionary work by inviting, and testifying of what they know to be true. By doing this members hasten the work and have an opportunity to bring many souls unto him. However on Saturday, I realized yet another reason why it is so important that ever single member of the church paint a missionary badge on their heart.
In the adult session of stake conference they showed a video where Clayton Christensen was sharing his experience of how he realized he wasn't feeling the spirit as strongly as he would like in his life. While ponder the reasons why he remembered his experience as a missionary and how he felt the the spirit at all times. Clayton wondered why he felt the presence of the Holy Ghost in his life stronger on his mission then he did now. He talked to one of his friends and his friend explained it to him like this.
Imagine a battle, a war that is raging. Now imagine that you have the most advanced weapons. Who are you going to give them to? Are you going to give them to the cooks, or the truck drivers? Or maybe even those who run the behind the seances? No you are going to give your most advanced lethal weapons to those fighting in the trenches on the front lines. You want them to be able to stop the opposing force. Clayton realized that in order to feel the spirit more abundantly in his life and to feel it at full strength he had to be on the front lines. He had to be an Everyday Missionary.
Now there is a real war going on. It is between the forces of Good and Evil. In this on going battle God will only give the most advanced weapons to those on the front lines. Those 80,000 Missionaries that have been assembled as the Army of Helaman to bring the world his truth. That are fighting day in and day out. Now the most technically advanced weapon in our vast arsenal is the spirit.
Everyone that is a member is on the front lines whether we realize it or not. We all have the Holy Ghost but are we using it most effectively? Is it the most advanced version? Unfortunately it is not if we are not constantly reaching out to those around us and inviting them to receive the blessing of the fullness of the Gospel. It is not if we are not and Everyday Missionary.
Boyd K Packer said recently about the future that things will not get easier. In fact it will get harder. Satan is giving us all that he has. When he starts throwing his counterfeits, temptations, and fiery darts our way. Will we be able to withstand all of his blows? We might be able to now but we will surly fall in the future if we don't have the spirit with us at all times, have our faith in all things, and be able to stand for the truth in all places. We must be Everyday Missionaries each and Every one of us. Not only to Hasten the Work of Salvation, but to have the full effect of the spirit. So that we can speak with the tongue of Angels and be strong, standing united against the Evils of this world. As Elder Neilson said, "If you are not a full time missionary with a missionary badge pinned to your coat. Now is the time to paint one on your heart." If you have not done it already I would urge you to do it today. He has asked us to do it now. Not tomorrow or when we turn 18 or 19. The time is now to be an everyday missionary. 
Love Elder Paget 

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