Friday, September 5, 2014

Aug. 18, 2014 Eye of the Tyger

This week we have seen the ups and the downs. We have have been making lots of progress, but are not able to keep anything going for to long. If only there was consistency in missionary work.
Last week we picked up three new investigators. However Sita and Craig decided to drop us and we are going to hand of Dominique to the YSA sisters. Sita and Craig sent us a tezt that said that they didn't think that in our last lesson with President Kendrick that we answered their questions. What more could you want then to have our Mission President come to  answer your questions. There were a few questions about the Plan of Salvation that we told them we would answer in the next lesson. I guess they simply could not wait and need all the info in one sitting. They were also scared that we invited them to be baptized and said they had no intentions of joining our church.
SO we are back at square one.
We are Rising up, back on the street. We're doing our time, taking chances. Went the distance now we're back on our feet. Just two men and their will to survive. So many times it happens too fast. We trade our passion for glory. Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past. We must fight just to keep them alive. It's the eye of the TYGER, it's the thrill of the fight. Risin' up to the challenge of our rivals. And as the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night. And we are watchin' them, all with the eye of the TYGER
We are doing our best and have a few appointments set up with potentials this next week. So we should have some new investigators to tell you about next week.
By the way, I realized after 5 weeks of being companions with Elder Tyger that he looks and acts like Elder Calhoun off the Best Two Years. It is funny how similar they are. So if you want to get a glimpse of what is like to be companions with Elder Tyger watch the movie. Let me know what you think.
Elder Paget

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