Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Making Progress in Murrieta

I am sorry I don't have a lot of time today to write I have been responding to a lot of Emails today. Well everything is still going well here. We had another great week making progress.
M is getting closer to being baptized. He has been making a lot of progress. His main worry right now is that if he gets baptized he will fall way and give into temptation. He is having a hard time trying to quit smoking right now. We just keep encouraging him to do his best, read and pray for strenght, and God will give it to him. 
We had to hand J over to the YSA Elders yesterday. It was sad to hand her off, however we knew it would be best. It gives her a better oppertunity to find more friends who are members, to help encourage her to stay strong after she gets baptized. We are a little worried she might be getting baptized for the wrong reasons. She wants to marry her boy friend who is a member. By introducing her to the YSA even if they break up she will have a strong support system.
C is still staying strong through her trials she has been facing. Almost everyone in her family is not happy with her decision to be baptized. She has been bombarded by her Dad sending anti-mormon videos, books, and articles. Her relationship with her sister will never be the same. Even though she has had a lot of opposition. She still considers her decision to be baptized the best decision she has made. C says that even though she has been struggling her life is so much better with the presence of the Holy Ghost in her life. Luckily her husband and family relationship has been getting closer and stronger as a result. Aaron her husband is still learning more about the church and is searching for the truth for himself.
Thanks for all the love and support
Elder Paget

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