Thursday, December 5, 2013

Somethings just run in the Familly

Another week has come and gone. We have been keeping busy, trying to find new people to teach and teach our investigators. I wish that they were not so flaky. Everyone here is always busy and have something to do. They don't make learning about the gospel one of their priorities. So unfortunately we get a lot of cancellations. The only way to get lessons is to just stop by and not let them know we are coming before hand. Or else they will cancel and find something better to do. We have been trying to have a lesson with the C's for some time now. We have also been trying to get them to go to a baptism. We know if they go to a baptism and feel of the spirit there they will have a greater desire to get baptized for themselves. However we have invited them to come to 4-5 different baptisms now. They have said each and every time that they are going to go, but they have not gone to one yet. We are think that they don't want to make commitments. Hopefully this week we will get to the bottom of it and find out what the real reason is.
Elder Allan F. Packer came to our zone conference this last week. He told us that we are 1 of 2 missions in the world that will be doing a Family History Pilot program. I am so excited. He unfortunately didn't go into the details. But we know that we will be focusing on using Family History to find new investigators. It is really cool. Recently I have been reading about my ancestors, and it is really cool to see what they went through. They went through a lot of rough times and good times as well. It is cool to see the similarities between them and me.  For example my Great Grandmother Geneal Smith and My Great Grandfather Paul Limburg both put on a Radio show for a Radio Station. I had an internship at a sports radio station in Salt Lake City, 1320 Kfan. It is cool to see that we all had the same interest in broadcasting. I guess somethings just run in the family. I am continuing to read more about them and I can't wait to find out any other cool things. I can now say that I am hooked on family history and Cardiff better watch out because Elder Adams and I are going to get them hooked on Family History too!
Love Elder Paget

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